Let’s Get This One Out of the Way

I hate the blog introduction post.  More specifically, I always hate mine.

You see, I can say that because I’ve written, like, fifteen thousand of them for the various blogs I’ve started and abandoned.  Then I delete them, and the rest of the posts that followed, because I don’t like how they sound or what they say.

So let’s just keep this one simple.  Let’s see if I can keep this one around.

This blog exists because I need a spot for my thoughts.
This blog exists because I want to be able to fully remember, revisit, and reflect on the period of my life that’s about to get started.
This blog exists because sometimes I like what I have to say.

This won’t be a blog with a specific focus.  It will probably be scattered, like my brain.  But I want to share my everyday things, my exercise things, my food things, my happy things, and my sad things.  Someday, I hope some kind of natural organization will appear.  Until then, you’ll just have to try to keep up.


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