I’ve dabbled in yoga for a long time, starting in middle school.  Some ten-ish years later, I’m still dabbling.

I’m pretty sure I got my yoga start by going to community classes in a large meeting room at a local church with my mom. I’ve also taken yoga classes at some more legit, yoga-sounding places like “healing arts” studios and ashrams. I’ve practiced all kinds of yoga with all kinds of people.

It’s never been a super-spiritual experience for me, but yoga always made me feel good. I haven’t ever been able to get into the funky breathing or the chakra talk, but yoga has definitely made me more aware and appreciative of my body and the benefits of practice (in yoga and in practically everything else).

Now, I mostly practice at home. Yoga DVDs are my practice of choice — I don’t have the discipline to move through a self-guided practice and I just haven’t found a class that I like enough to buy. Jason Crandell is one of my favorite DVD instructors, specifically his “Yoga for Morning, Noon, and Night” with Yoga Journal. The practices are each about 20 minutes long, so they’re perfect to sprinkle throughout your day. I also enjoy Colleen Saidman’s “Yoga for Weightloss” from Gaiam.

How about you? Do you practice yoga?


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