2014 Resolutions Check-In: February

Month #3 of 2014 Resolutions is just beginning.  So let’s see how Month #2 went!

For my interactions with others …
I resolve to vocalize more positives and fewer negatives, to acknowledge more of what I like, and to hold my tongue until I have something constructive and kind to say.

I think I am making progress here!  Thanks to some of my best people, I am learning to communicate my feelings and to accept the feelings of others.  I am starting to see the benefit of addressing issues right away, instead of letting them sit and stew inside my head.  I feel like I’m a nicer person, even if just by a little.

For my health …
I resolve to floss daily, to run more days of each week than I don’t, to practice yoga more days of each week than I don’t, and to challenge my taste buds to enjoy vegetables a little bit more.

Regular runs!  Not-so-regular yoga.  Intermittent flossing, specifically on the weekends — I’m just too tired during the week to floss?  Is that an acceptable excuse?  Baby steps on the vegetable front.

For my own peace of mind …
I resolve to work on building an adult life of which I am proud, to find a job that makes me feel fulfilled, and to cultivate interests that will keep me happy.

Job searching still sucks.  I am pretty much always inches away from an emotional breakdown over the future.  I really should be working harder on this specific resolution …


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