2014 Resolutions Check-In: March

It’s April already! It’s been three full months since the start of the year, and now we enter the fourth. We’re almost a third of the way done with 2014. Weird, right? So let’s see how my resolutions progress went throughout March.

For my interactions with others …
I resolve to vocalize more positives and fewer negatives, to acknowledge more of what I like, and to hold my tongue until I have something constructive and kind to say.

It’s always hard to reflect on my progress here. It would probably be more accurate to ask the people closest to me how nicely I am behaving — I’m sure my little sister would be happy to provide some commentary! That said, I definitely am being much more intentional about the things I say and the way in which my positive/negative thoughts affect my overall behavior. Progress, I hope.

For my health …
I resolve to floss daily, to run more days of each week than I don’t, to practice yoga more days of each week than I don’t, and to challenge my taste buds to enjoy vegetables a little bit more.

I just cannot make myself floss daily. I don’t know why it’s so hard, but flossing feels like such a tedious job. Meanwhile, brushing my teeth is something I do in autopilot. So I’m failing there. But I’m running (almost) regularly. I’ve been practicing yoga, though they might only be short practices, pretty often too! Still working on the veggies …

For my own peace of mind …
I resolve to work on building an adult life of which I am proud, to find a job that makes me feel fulfilled, and to cultivate interests that will keep me happy.

I have finally sucked it up and just started sending out applications instead of being so picky and slow about things. I’ve got a month before college will no longer function as my safety net, so I really need to get moving. It is still awful and miserable and horrible, and I wish someone would just love me already! But I am exploring new interests and I’m trying to be a little bit more adventurous with my free time, so that’s positive.


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