HOT Yoga

I hate being hot. And I’m from the sticky, humid South, so I know hot. But you know, a good sweat never hurt anyone. In fact, it’s supposed to be good for you. Detoxification and all that. I’m all about detoxification, so off to hot yoga I went. Apparently I’m also all about being miserable for an hour and half.

I’ve been to two hot yoga classes so far. The first was great. 105 degrees, 28 poses. The second was not. What felt like 100 billion degrees, 28 poses.

Now, I’m a big sweater. TMI? Probably, but it’s true. I run and I spin and each time it’s like I got caught in the rain. I know sweat. Or at least I thought I did.

But hot yoga can make a person sweat in a way that’s all new. Within five minutes of being in the classroom, I was dripping. My clothes were soaked through for a good two days after class. I should have done my laundry right away; I know that now.

The thing about hot yoga is that it’s a great kind of miserable. I wouldn’t exactly describe my experiences so far as enjoyable. Like I said, I hate being hot, but being so hot frees you up to push harder and more fully into each pose. Being so hot, so sweaty, and (unless you’re a very lucky person) so much less attractive than usual frees you up to be completely in your body, appreciating your strength and physical ability instead of outside of your body, appreciating your physical appearance.

So I’ll be going back, even though my second class was 100 billion degrees and was crazy uncomfortable. I’ll be going back because I loved the miserable.

Have opinions on hot yoga? Or suggestions? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “HOT Yoga”

  1. Yes, it’s addictive – for all the reasons you said! I had a wonderful experience for six weeks where I did hot yoga almost every day. It gets to the point where you crave the heat and sweat…gross but true!


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