2014 Resolutions Check-In: April

April has come and gone. It was hectic for me. Tying up the loose ends at school, applying to jobs, moving out — I feel like I was mostly just going through the motions mindlessly. As a result, my resolutions were far from practiced, but we should review them anyway.

For my interactions with others …
I resolve to vocalize more positives and fewer negatives, to acknowledge more of what I like, and to hold my tongue until I have something constructive and kind to say.

April was not a shining month for this. I let my stress get the best of me most of the time and I’m sure I wasn’t always fun to handle. But recognizing that is progress, right?

For my health …
I resolve to floss daily, to run more days of each week than I don’t, to practice yoga more days of each week than I don’t, and to challenge my taste buds to enjoy vegetables a little bit more.

Okay, so the floss thing is just funny now. How can something be so simple, but so hard? Hot yoga is something I’ve been enjoying regularly, but I keep talking myself out of the run I promised myself yesterday that I would do. I’m going to blame the pollen and the heat, but it’s really just me. And the veggies? That’s coming along a little bit.

For my own peace of mind …
I resolve to work on building an adult life of which I am proud, to find a job that makes me feel fulfilled, and to cultivate interests that will keep me happy.

Still looking for that job. Still looking for things to excite me.

And now it’s May. Month #5. Almost halfway through the year.
I feel like I should have made much more progress on my resolutions than I have. But then again, I always feel like May is a reset month. For me, it’s always been the month during which school ends and summer begins, the month that requires the creation of a new everyday schedule, and the month of unpacking all of the things I’ve brought home with me from school. This May, in particular, marks a time for big changes. I will graduate from college in two days and try to be an adult. So maybe I’ll reset and snap into gear with these resolutions. We’ll see …


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