Currently – The May Edition

Digging: Floppy beach hats (like the one below, which can be found at Target), summer freckles, and peony blooms

Eating: Calamari (Gotta fool my boyfriend’s family into thinking I’m an adventurous foodie!)
Drinking: Beer on the beach
Reading: The Rosie Project (Hilarious. Like, “laugh out loud on the beach” funny. But I’m not a fan of the ending — you’ve been warned.)
Watching: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises (Apparently it is unacceptable that I haven’t seen them before now.)
Hearing: The ocean
Buying: Ice cream
Wearing: Bikinis all day, every day
Appreciating: The end of college
Working: On finding a job
Missing: The routine of school, but only a little bit
Wanting: To go to Europe with my sister
Trying: Not to get sunburned


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