2014 Resolutions Check-In: May

May! What a month. I’ve been on the go since it began, starting with my graduation from college, squeezing in some beach time (I know, so difficult), and finally sending my little sister off to Europe for three months (packing for three months of fabulousness worthy of my sister was quite a feat). With the stress of school off my back, I think I was a little better about my resolutions this month, so let’s see.

For my interactions with others …
I resolve to vocalize more positives and fewer negatives, to acknowledge more of what I like, and to hold my tongue until I have something constructive and kind to say.

I definitely think I am getting better at realizing when my not-so-nice words could be kept in my head instead of escaping through my mouth. I am truly trying to be mindful about my contributions to conversations and the effect my occasionally bad attitude can have on everything else. That said, I am also getting better at vocalizing my irritations on the spot when appropriate, instead of holding on to the things that frustrated me for months at a time — that’s helping me maintain an overall more positive attitude.

For my health …
I resolve to floss daily, to run more days of each week than I don’t, to practice yoga more days of each week than I don’t, and to challenge my taste buds to enjoy vegetables a little bit more.

Me? Floss? Ha! It’s happened a few times. But everything else is going pretty well. I’m on a bit of a health kick (about which I will write in more detail soon) that’s got me out and moving, and trying some new foods routinely. (In the month of May, I tried calamari three times. Three!)

For my own peace of mind …
I resolve to work on building an adult life of which I am proud, to find a job that makes me feel fulfilled, and to cultivate interests that will keep me happy.

Still looking for the job that makes my heart flutter like a new crush in middle school. But my big, new, adult life will happen and I’m working on being ready for it.

Bam! June, let’s do this.


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