A Few Things I’ve Learned from Dad

My dad knows a lot of stuff. Very useful stuff. So, in honor of Father’s Day and my dad’s big brain, I’m going to share some bits and pieces of his wisdom.

1. Your help and input are not always wanted or needed.
Sure, there are plenty of times when you might be better able or prepared to perform a task than another person. That fact alone doesn’t mean that you should take the opportunity to spout knowledge or push your approach on the situation. Sometimes people might want or need to do it their own way. Sometimes you might learn something from climbing down from your high horse. Know when to offer help and when to wait for someone to ask you for it.

2. Embrace organizational systems.
This might seem like a great way to suck the fun out of things, but sometimes employing an organizational system is the only way to go if you want to avoid future frustrations. From an alphabetical and/or yearly system for music and movie storage to a standardized method of loading the dishwasher, some stuff is just easier if everyone can agree on and commit to how it should be done.

3. Pick your battles.
Not everything needs to be a fight. It’s normal for people to disagree, but it’s okay to sometimes let the other guy have his day. Fight for the things about which you feel passionately; realize when it is appropriate to let an argument go.

4. Dogs like to be called “pooch”.
Try it. You’ll see.

5. Find your perfect sarcasm level.
People appreciate some sarcasm now and then, dry wit is the best kind of wit for a casual dinner party, and being funny will make people want to be your friend. But every occasion doesn’t call for the same level of “snark”, so be mindful of what’s appropriate and make use of your funny within those parameters.

If you haven’t already, take a look at some of the things I’ve learned from my mom!


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