Jealousy and Cannoli

My sister is spending this summer in Europe, hopping from country to country for a while and then settling down in England. She’s going to come back having tasted every kind of gelato available and knowing more about art history and fancy music than I will ever know. And you know what? I’m jealous. Completely green with envy.

I spent a bit of my summer last year studying in Italy and, while I didn’t find Europe to be the magical fairytale place we Americans make it out to be when we talk about studying abroad, I did appreciate it. It’s just different across the pond and I’m planning on going back. But for now if you, like me, are jealous of my sister and wish you could be gallivanting (that’s not fair of me — she is actually taking classes) around Europe this summer, maybe a few pictures will help. Below are some of my favorite moments from my month abroad last summer.

You can find more of my photos from the trip here and a while ago on my Instagram feed.

And! Did you know that “cannoli” is actually the plural form of “cannolo/u”?


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