Pink Slaw Breakfast Burrito

Cabbage is not my thing. Come to think of it, most healthy things are not my thing, but back to the cabbage. I don’t like it baked. I don’t like it sautéed. I don’t like it in slaw. Except for this slaw. This is Catherine Newman’s (of Ben & Birdy) Pink Slaw.

A few days ago, we made a batch of it. Only it was boring and green, not fabulous and pink. But per her suggestion and due to the undeniable appeal of pink, we made another batch, made sure to use red cabbage, and made a breakfast (yes, breakfast!) out of it.

This is all you’ll need: tortillas, cheese, eggs, slaw. Bon appétit!

We filled our little tortillas to the brim, rolled them up, and chowed down. I found the mix of flavors to be unexpected, yet subtle, and really nice together. And the slaw itself is easy to make and even easier to enjoy — that’s really something coming from a cabbage hater!

Be sure to check out the recipe at Ben & Birdy here!


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