Currently – The July Edition


Neutrogena Body Oil – Great for moisturizing right after you bathe! Surprisingly, it’s not too oily for too long and it has a really nice, light scent. I have very dry, very sensitive skin and this has been a great addition to my skincare routine.
Funky Tiles around the House – Pinterest is so fun for me because I can easily pick out what I’m “into” stylistically at any moment. Tiles have been frequently appearing on my “casa” board lately (that’s where you can find all of the photos featured above).
Nasal Rinses – It feels like I’m always fighting some kind of nasal allergy or sinus irritation. When my mom’s ENT recommended she try a nasal rinse, I tried it out as well. After you get over the initial weirdness and worry, it’s not a big deal and I feel much clearer. For those of you who have used a Neti Pot before, this is apparently very similar. (I’ve been using the NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit.)

Eating: Snicker’s Ice Cream Mini Bars (Only 90 calories per bar!)

Drinking: Buckets and buckets of water

Hearing: Revisiting (and adoring) A*Teens “The ABBA Generation” (Give it a listen. You know you want to!)

Wearing: Birkenstock sandals and minimal make-up (I am loving Maybelline’s Baby Lips Dr. Rescue lip balm in “Coral Crave” this summer.)

Trying: To take more pictures on a regular basis

Missing: My sister, hot yoga classes, and cooler weather


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