Currently – The October Edition

Fall is here and I am so excited!

I will not shut up about how it smells autumnal outside and how pretty the leaves are while they’re multi-colored. I love when it gets dark really early and when the wind makes you feel really chilly. Contrary to popular belief, I think this is the most wonderful time of the year. Right now, I am really digging Halloween decorations and this playlist, plaid scarves, and animal print on everything!

I’m also …
Drinking: Salted caramel hot chocolate. Move aside, pumpkin spice! I am pretty much automatically won over by anything involving salted caramel. There are plenty of recipes for salted caramel hot chocolate online for you do-it-yourself-ers and there are mixes/K-cups/coffee shops if you’re like me.
Reading: I’m re-reading the Harry Potter series. I missed the Harry Potter boat when I was younger (as the books came out) — I wasn’t interested in the genre and rejected the hype. I read the entire series in a week after my freshman year of college and now, as Halloween gets closer and closer each year, I get a Harry Potter itch. Gotta scratch it, you know!
Carrying: The best little crossbody purse. I lucked into a beautiful, chocolate-brown purse at T.J.Maxx recently. I usually carry giant bags, but this tiny one is treating me well. You can find something similar (but more expensive, sorry!) here.
Wearing: Darker nail polish. Don’t get me wrong — I like bright and summery polishes, but I really love deep, rich nails for the colder months. Recently, I’ve been wearing a dark purple. Dark reds and greens are also favorite go-to colors.
Trying: A new skincare routine for my face. I have switched over to CeraVe and, so far, I’m happier with these products than I have been with any others I have tried. I have dry, oily, and sensitive skin, so it can be a struggle to find products that keep my face looking nice and healthy. I am using the Foaming Facial Cleanser, the AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion, and the PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion. So pleased!

What are you loving this month?


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