2014 Resolutions Check-In: October

October was a busy month! It was jam-packed with good news, a little bit of travel, and exciting changes. Things are good and I am happy. And I think I did a pretty good job observing my resolutions!

For my interactions with others …
I resolve to vocalize more positives and fewer negatives, to acknowledge more of what I like, and to hold my tongue until I have something constructive and kind to say.

As always, I’m working on being more thoughtful in my communication. It’s starting to feel like a habit to be more constructive and less destructive. I like to think that I’m more fun to be around this way.

For my health …
I resolve to floss daily, to run more days of each week than I don’t, to practice yoga more days of each week than I don’t, and to challenge my taste buds to enjoy vegetables a little bit more.

Flossing comes and goes, but I’m definitely doing it more often.  For most of October I was running consistently. I keep meaning to get back to yoga — I will, I promise. But I am making huge strides with this vegetable thing. Okay, they might actually only be baby steps, but I’ll get there. I’ve been experimenting with different new foods and enjoying most of them!

For my own peace of mind …
I resolve to work on building an adult life of which I am proud, to find a job that makes me feel fulfilled, and to cultivate interests that will keep me happy.

Things are good. I feel like my life is finally back in motion. And I feel like I can keep growing and exploring now.

November, here we come! It’s time to be thankful.


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