Tip Tuesday – Tongs

I’m a little bit short. At 5’3″, I have a hard time hoisting my carry-on luggage into the overhead storage units on airplanes. Looking through front door peepholes requires me to stand on my tiptoes. And yes, I have had to ask someone to hand me the family-sized bag of Doritos from the top shelf at the grocery store. But no where is it more inconvenient for me to be just a tad too short than in my own kitchen, craving the peanut butter and chocolate chips that we keep in the top cabinet. If you know that kind of pain, I’ve got a little tip for you.

Invest in some rubber-tipped tongs! I use them often, and rarely to do the jobs for which they were invented. Instead, I use them to reach things and they open up an entire new world of kitchen possibilities. The aforementioned peanut butter? No longer a distant dream!

(Obviously, be careful and exercise your common sense if you adopt this tip. The rubber tips are an important feature because they help to provide some grip, but I’m not guaranteeing zero slips.)


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