My Family’s Christmas Gift Exchange

Merry Christmas
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Last year, my mom’s side of family switched up our approach to Christmas present exchanges in an effort to be more mindful of the reason for the season, of the time we spend together, and of our good fortune. Instead of showering each other with lots of unnecessary gifts, here’s what we did last year (and will do again this year):

We each gave our self a gift. Each of us bought and wrapped a gift secretly. On Christmas morning, each family member picked a random gift to open and then we all guessed to whom it belonged. This approach was great for us because of the game-like aspect, but also because each person ended up with something he/she really wanted.

We each had a Secret Santa. We randomly drew names out of a hat at our Thanksgiving get-together. We put a price limit in place and, to make it a little tricky, came up with a rule about the characteristics of the presents. Last year, the present had to be red and/or green. (This year, the name of the present must start with the first letter of the gift receiver’s name.)

So now it’s time for me to get creative and hit a store or two!

How does your family exchange gifts during the holidays?


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