Tip Tuesday – Toasted Pancakes

We’ve already been over how much I like breakfast (really, scroll through these posts for proof), but we’ve never specifically discussed my love of pancakes. I really love pancakes.

Pancakes are one of those perfect foods — you can put all kinds of things in them, you can put all sorts of things on them, and you can eat them at any time of the day. You can make them from scratch or from a mix, and they’re good both ways. And best of all, you can make lots of them at the same time and have leftover pancakes to munch on whenever you feel like it! The only problem with leftover pancakes is that they get a little bit mushy. That’s never stopped me from enjoying them, of course, but part of what makes pancakes so great is that slight, light toasting they have when they’re fresh from the griddle. So I’ve got a little trick to make your leftovers taste like you just took them out of the pan …

Toast your leftover pancakes! I always used to microwave mine, but they’re so much better toasted. You can use a toaster, toaster oven, or your oven’s broiler setting. They’ll be nice and slightly crisp, just like they were when you first made them.


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