Currently – The December Edition

December!  Christmas trees and lights are everywhere!  You can just feeeeeel Christmas coming.  I’ve been busy settling into my new home and routine, so here are a few things I’ve been Digging during these transitions (excluding all of the obvious Christmas-y things I enjoy, of course):

Blog Currently - December Edition

Check ^^her^^ out here.

Watching:  Christmas movies, of course!  You should check out my list of favorites.

Hearing:  Christmas music, of course!  Obviously there’s a list of my favorite Christmas songs too.

Reading:  10% Happier by Dan Harris.  I just finished it.  I really enjoyed the read and, as someone who shared many of Harris’s preconceptions about meditation, found significant value in his journey.  And who wouldn’t want learn about a way to be 10% happier?

Eating:  Everything.  It’s a hungry time of year.

So what are you loving lately?


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