52 Things in 52 Weeks

In other words, 52 things in a year.

Instead of coming up with a list of resolutions for this New Year, I thought I’d take a bucket list-y approach to 2015. I was inspired by Design Darling Mackenzie Horan’s 101 in 1001 Days, but I can visualize and plan for a year much more easily than 1001 days.

I’ve included my list below and will be sharing updates as I go.  My list will be updated on my “52 Things in 52 Weeks” page. And you should let me know if you’re doing anything similar this year — I’d love to follow along!

  1. Work on my Spanish.
  2. Keep a sketch book.  Add to it regularly.
  3. Take a class (of any kind).
  4. Watch 10 documentaries.
  5. Watch 10 classic films.
  6. Volunteer my time and energy at least twice.
  7. Learn about cheese.
  8. Learn about wine.
  9. Learn about beer.
  10. Re-learn to crochet and make a blanket.
  11. Complete a book of word searches.
  12. Organize my computer, digital accounts, etc. and back it up.
  13. Read at least one new book each month.
  14. Listen to one entire new album each month.
  15. Try a new recipe each month.
  16. Train for a 10K.
  17. Climb five mountains.
  18. Treat myself to another batch of hot yoga class passes and use them all!
  19. Successfully complete a 30-day fitness challenge.
  20. Practice morning and/or evening yoga everyday for at least two weeks.
  21. Work out in the morning for two weeks.
  22. Try a barre class.
  23. Learn to do crane pose.
  24. Complete a short, introductory meditation program.
  25. Give up soda for a month.
  26. Try at least five new salad recipes.
  27. Eat Vegan Before 6 (VB6) for a week.
  28. Actively track my spending for 6 months.
  29. Have a shopping-free month (excluding food, of course.)
  30. Clean out my closet.  Get rid of items that are beyond repair.  Donate items that could use a new home.
  31. Splurge on flowers for myself.
  32. Buy myself something nice.
  33. Bake a multi-layered cake.
  34. Get a manicure and pedicure.
  35. Take myself on a date.
  36. Get my camera out every month.  And use it!
  37. Complete a 52 weeks self-portrait series.
  38. Travel to at least three new places.
  39. Take a road trip.
  40. Plan a big future trip.
  41. Take a trip with my family.
  42. Host a dinner party.
  43. Make a new friend.
  44. Disconnect from social media for a weekend.
  45. Actively practice “two ups for every down” for a week.
  46. Deep clean my apartment monthly.
  47. Develop my “personal brand”.
  48. Complete 100 Happy Days.
  49. Buy myself a new retainer.
  50. Establish morning and evening routines.
  51. Play in snow.
  52. Make a 100-item joy list.

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