A Christmas Visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden

I like to make festive things last as long as possible. I dig the idea of a “birthday month”, which is pretty much how we celebrate birthdays in my family. I love seeing Christmas decorations pop up the day after Thanksgiving. I’m even okay with Christmas decorations appearing in stores way before they should — like at the same time as Halloween decorations.

I was super-tickled when my boyfriend’s present to me kept the Christmas festivities going this year. A few days after Christmas, we headed to the Atlanta Botanical Garden to see the holiday Garden Lights. I love visiting the garden (check out another one of my visits here), but I’ve never gotten to go during the holidays so I was really pumped!

The garden was beautiful. We went a little later in the night so it would be really dark and the lights would seem really bright. It was a little crowded (as one would expect during the “peak season”), but I think that added to the fun. If you’re around (before its closing on January 10), you should check it out. For now, here are a few photos from my visit:

walkway walkway 3 walkway 2 tunnel tree tree 2 snowflakes orbs orbs 2 M LM 2 lady fountain

So fun! I’m just glad I’m not the one who has to take all those lights down. 😛


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