Currently – The February Edition

Ahhhh February.  A nice, 28-day month.  Quick and to the point.  I’ve been busy and happy, settling into 2015, and making plans for the year.  Here are a few things I’ve been liking lately.

(photos from my recent pins)

Watching:  I finally finished Friends.  I stopped disliking it so much by Season 5 and, by the end, I was a little bit attached.  Now I’m moving on to Luther.

Reading:  I have been loving corals + cognacs recently.  Hallie has been kicking butt recently, looking fabulous, and writing inspiring posts about doing the things you that make you happy.

Eating:  Well not yet, but I will be eating this gorgeous Brussels Sprouts and Prosciutto Pizza soon.  Doesn’t it look delicious!?

Practicing:  Spanish!  I have been taking Spanish classes for most of my life in school but, while I am pretty comfortable with the basics, I struggle to be confident enough to use my Spanish language knowledge.  So I put it on my list of 52 Things in 52 Weeks and I’ve gotten started with my practice.  I’ve been using Duolingo, which has been easy and helpful.

What have you been digging lately?


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