Tip Tuesday – Administrative Mondays

Recently, I was poking around on swissmiss and found this excerpted tip from Jessica Hische on practicing “Administrative Mondays”:

admin mondays

Jessica specifically talks about emails, bills, and paperwork, but I have been extending my “administrative Mondays” to include things like putting away laundry, taking out the trash and recycling, house cleaning, etc.  I know that, for some, Monday is not an ideal day to set aside for handling those kinds of administrative tasks, so you don’t have to make Monday your administrative day.  Make it Saturday, or Thursday, or whatever day works best for you.

It’s easy for me to feel like I’m all over the place and then I let things fall into (just a little) disarray.  I have found it very helpful over the past few weeks to have a day set aside on my calendar for the tedious and mundane administrative things that must be done.  (And I actually like doing everything on Monday because it allows me to start the week feeling productive, with everything in place for a successful week.)

Give it a try!


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