In November, I moved into my first apartment.  Well not my first — I’m choosing not to count the pre-furnished campus housing apartments I lived in for most of my time at college.  This is my first real apartment.  It’s a space that is mine, that I can decorate my way, and that I can enjoy.

It’s taken a little while to get moved in, set up, and comfortable, but things are coming together and I’m ready to give you all a little peek at a few of the details of my space. Take a look!

Oh! I should mention that I’ve had a lot of help from my family.  My parents and sister have made numerous trips to and from our house, delivering piles of piles of my stuff.  They have braved Ikea for me and, even better, built the furniture once it got to my place.  Thanks Chickens!

And I must give a shout out to my sweet grandparents who housed me until I found my own place. There’s nothing like coming home from my first few weeks of work to a homemade dinner I didn’t have to make.


3 thoughts on “Nesting”

  1. First place is a great moment! Congrats on your first place. I really like how you decorated your bedroom! I just moved in to my first owned place and am looking forward to decorating it!


    1. decorating is lots of fun! i started with the basics and i’ve been adding new, fun little trinkets as i find them. 🙂

      good luck with your new place!


  2. […] My first apartment has been good to me (for the most part).  It’s cozy.  Just right for where I was when I moved in.  Not to mention, it’s super-conveniently located in the middle of everything.  But I’m in need of a new space.  The stress of apartment hunting is getting to me, but I’m excited for a new neighborhood, new routines, and most of all, the chance to do some new decorating. […]


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