Currently – The (Late) March Edition

Ooh man, it’s been a while! Sorry for disappearing.

March was a busy month. It was my first March in a long time without a spring break, so I got to watch with jealousy as my family headed to the beach without me. Instead, I got to suffer through whatever cold/flu was being passed around — I was miserable for pretty much two weeks! I finally went in for my first volunteer training session at the local animal shelter. I celebrated my birthday. I started running (with some consistency) again. And I was digging all kinds of stuff that I was just too busy to share!  So let’s go back in time a little bit …

[from my recent “pretty” pins]

Watching: Psych.  Netflix streaming is the best when you’re sick (or brokenhearted, or bored, or have a lot of other stuff on your to-do list that you’re completely ignoring).  Psych is fun, clever sometimes, I enjoyed the character development, and later in the seasons you get some nice classic film-inspired episodes!

Reading: The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food by Dan Barber. I’ve seen a couple of TED Talks (here’s one, here’s another) from Dan Barber and I find his thought process and presentation to be really thoughtful and fun! The food nerd in me gives this an A+.

Hearing: Rixton’s new album, Let the Road.  During March, we had a Girls’ Night Out and saw Ariana Grande in concert.  (Side note:  She is so teeny weeny on a big concert stage!)  Rixton opened for her and, while it took me a little while, I warmed up to them.  It’s more solid British boy band stuff, but man, their lead singer puts on a really good show.

Wearing: Pajama sets.  I got the cutest black-and-white polka dot set for my birthday.  Typically, I am a “giant t-shirts and boxers” kind of sleeper, but there’s something about cute, matching pajama sets that speaks to me.

Eating: Citrus, specifically clementines.  I’m trying to will sunny, warm, pollen-less weather my way.

What have you been digging in my absence?


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