Currently – The April Edition

Woo April!  The pollen-coated month.  With all this pollen, and the incredible amount of April showers we’ve been having around here, the May flowers better be super-impressive this year.  I’m finally starting to feel like I’m back on top of things, so let’s get this blog back on track.  This month, I’ve been really into:

[peach tea, shades of orange, hot yoga, rosemary, barre]

Reading:  Vegan cookbooks.  In preparation for my VB6 adventure, number 27 on my list of 52 Things in 52 Weeks, I have been poring over lots of books for tips on vegan replacements, easy starter recipes, tips for success, etc.  If you’ve got any helpful advice, send it my way!

Eating:  Trader Joe’s chocolate chip scones.  I recently made a batch and it’s been super-great to have pastries for breakfast instead of cereal.  As I’ve shared before, I’m a big fan of this Trader Joe’s mix.

Practicing:  This.  Ignore the dangling preposition in the title and add “being sorry for not being sorry”/#sorrynotsorry to this list.

Wearing:  Argan oil on my face and neck.  My skin has been so much softer and less dry since I added argan oil to my routine.  I apply a little bit every night to my face and neck before putting on my nighttime cream, and little bit more in the morning before my SPF day cream.  (I have pretty oily skin and I was concerned that adding argan oil might make it worse, but I’ve experienced the opposite.)

Trying:  Tone It Up weekly schedules.  I’ve got a beach trip coming up, so I mean business.  More on this later!

What have you been digging lately?


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