Yoga Poses I’m Learning

I’ve dabbled in yoga for a long time.  I remember going to community classes at a local church with my mom when I was in middle school — once a week we would join a group of mostly older ladies for an hour of beginner yoga instruction.  Then mom and I started occasionally attending classes at a nearby yoga studio that was run by a husband and wife team.  She taught yoga, he taught qigong, and they were undeniably the most calm and peaceful people I had ever met.  I then transitioned to mostly home practice, taking a class here and there, but mostly doing yoga in my bedroom and dorm when I was in college.  (I’ve shared some of my favorite home practice DVDs before — the favorites I shared then are still my favorites now, plus some Seane Corn.)

In my senior year of college, I finally got up the courage to try hot yoga.  I had an art teacher in high school who swore by it, but I had always been a little worried about giving it a try.  My cousin had found a hot yoga studio that she liked and I tried some classes with her, got hooked, and now it is totally my thing.  (I wrote briefly about my first hot yoga experience a while ago.  I should revisit the topic now that I’m not a newbie.)

As I’ve started attending hot yoga routinely, I have been making measurable progress in my poses!  I know yoga isn’t all about getting a pose just right, but it feels good to finally be able to do something I couldn’t do before.  Yoga poses are always a work in progress, and I’ve got plenty of work to do, but I’m excited about where I am now.

[dancer’s pose]

[camel pose]

[wheel pose]

[standing leg, during dancer’s pose]

[toe stand]


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