Off to the beach we went!

Hi!  I hope you had a nice holiday weekend!  Before I get all the way back to business, I’m reliving my beach trip from a couple weeks ago.

Recently, my family took our annual trip to the beach. My mom’s side of the family, all eleven of us, pile into a house every year for a week.  To accommodate the many conflicting schedules we’ve got going this year, we went a little bit early.  We lucked into beautiful weather and it was so nice to get away for a bit.

I’ve decided that I need to move to the beach. If I could wake up to ^^that^^ view every morning, I’d be so cheery all the time!

We got in some classy black and whites.


Have you been to the beach recently?  Or anywhere fun for a family vacation?  What are your favorite spots?


6 thoughts on “Off to the beach we went!”

  1. […] Every year my mom’s side of the family heads to the beach.  We all stay in one big house, trek to and from the beach, make giant dinners every night, and have the occasional spat about everything from politics to the thermostat.  We’ve been doing this for a long time and we’ve been staying at the same beach (often in the same house!) since I was in middle school. […]


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