52 Weeks Self-Portrait Series: May

Okay, these aren’t selfies.  May was busy and full of other people and the photos I took weren’t of myself.  The photos I took were of my people.  Instead, the photos in this post are photos that my people took of me.

I’m sure a year-long series of self-portraits (number 37 on my list of 52 Things in 52 Weeks) seems a little bit vain to some of you, and it is in some ways.  But then again, so is keeping a blog and telling people all about my life even though they didn’t ask.

Here’s the thing:  this year is a big year for me.  My first calendar year as a “real adult”, out of school, paying rent, waking up at 6 AM with or without an alarm.  It’s a year I want to remember and a year during which I’m sure I will change.  That’s what these photos are for — they’re to help me remember.

So this month, it’s important for me to remember the way I looked with my sister behind the camera.  Or with my boyfriend behind the camera.  Or with the kind stranger on the beach behind the camera.


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