Tip Tuesday – GSD with Google’s Tools

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of calendars and lists.  I do a pretty good job of keeping the big things straight — I can remember due dates, names, and travel schedules.  But the little things, like a birthday, or a passing remark that I will call so-and-so at a certain time, or that grocery item that pops into my head at the last minute, will get lost if I don’t write them down/type them up.  Enter Google Calendar and Google Keep.

I love Google Calendar so much.  Right now, I have nine different, color-coded calendars active.  I have a calendar for personal commitments, one for work commitments, another for my running schedule, a separate one for family-wide events, etc.  I can share the calendars that affect other people (like my family calendar, or my running schedule), while keeping others private.  I find that, when I have a lot of things going on, it’s helpful for me to categorize my commitments and my time.  Google Calendar makes that easy and visual.

I might be even more into Google Keep than I am into Google Calendar.  Google Keep is basically like Google Calendar, but for notes and lists.  Let me tell you:  I love lists.  On Google Keep, you can color-code, categorize, and share your notes and lists, which means grocery shopping for a multi-person household just got easier.  I keep my daily “to do” lists, my grocery lists, and my “to watch” and “to read” lists on Google Keep so that I can access them wherever and whenever I want.

If I’m going to Get Shit Done, Google Calendar and Google Keep are almost always involved.  What do you use to keep everything straight and GSD?


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