Real Talk: Listen to Your Body

Hands down, the best thing about not being in school anymore is not having homework.  A few times I have had to bring work home with me, but for the most part the end of my work day means the end of work.  So I’m free to spend my evenings doing all kinds of things.  Sometimes that means I go straight to hot yoga, sometimes that means I have to spend an hour or so grocery shopping and filling my car up with gas, and sometimes that means that I get to go home and do nothing.  The other night it meant that I was in bed by 9 and fast asleep by 10, after eating way too much for dinner and watching Gilmore Girls.

Keep in mind that being in bed at 9 was not the plan.  I had a 10K training run and strength exercises scheduled.  I meant to deep clean my apartment.  None of that happened.  I was tired, really sad that it was Thursday night instead of Friday night, and I didn’t want to do anything.  In fact, more than that, my body was not having it and was silently begging me to just go to bed.  I heard it and so into bed I climbed.

That’s a new approach for me.  I’m a go-go-go kind of person and once something is on my schedule, it’s almost always going to happen.  But I’m trying to be kinder to myself.  You know, ~!*self-love*!~ and all that.  So I went to bed at 9 and slept until 6 the next morning, and it was the first time in a while that I didn’t have to clumsily roll out of bed and move through the morning like a zombie.

I needed to go to bed early.  I needed to skip my run.  I needed to eat too much in one sitting.  I needed to sleep for almost 9 consecutive hours.  It didn’t matter what was on my “to do” list.  I needed a break and when my body asked for it, for once, I listened.  I share all this to remind you to do the same.

Dragging yourself through every day is not fun.  So when you need to go to bed at 9 (or whenever, really), do it.  And if you want to run 6 miles after work, please go ahead.  Listen to what you need and be nice enough to let yourself have it.  Trust me, it’s nice.


4 thoughts on “Real Talk: Listen to Your Body”

  1. We are in sync. There have been days where I’ve gone to bed at 7:30 b/c I was simply tired and slept until 7 the next day. Always good to listen… Loved the Gilmore Girls note too. I’m in the process of watching every season from start to finish – currently on Season 3. (It’s amazing, I’d forgotten how annoying and not so nice the mom was – but when you watch it back to back it really adds up – also interesting to see Rory become a little less sweet.)
    Good luck with your 10K. Really loving your recent posts.

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  2. I love having those days. It took me a few weeks to get adjusted to my intern schedule after my first lazy semester of college. For a whole week I just HAD to go to bed around 9! So weird because I was used to falling asleep after midnight! But your whole reflection was so true. You just have to listen to your body, even when sometimes you don’t want to!


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