Currently – The July Edition

The 4th of July really snuck up on me this year.  The last month I really remember specifically registering is March.  From there it’s all been a blur.  All of the sudden it was Independence Day, my sister’s late-July birthday is around the corner, and we’re over halfway through the year.  It’s been hot and busy, but I’ve still been finding things to enjoy.  Here’s a peek at what I’ve been digging this month:

big, beautiful breakfast spreads / reminders / high-contrast bedrooms

Eating:  We’ve been over this already!  I’m also chowing down on this Trader Joe’s Feta Cheese Spread.  I will take almost any excuse to eat feta, so I am all about this.  It’s good as a spread (I had it for lunch the other day on a bagel, like it was cream cheese!) and as a dip.  And it’s not totally awful for you.

Trying:  Olly Restful Sleep gummies.  I’m a bad sleeper.  I toss and turn constantly.  And I wake up, like all the way awake, a lot.  I’ve tried melatonin supplements before, but haven’t benefited much.  These Olly gummies, which my sister found thanks to Hitha, are the first thing that have helped me (deep) sleep all the way through the night!

Using:  Pantene Pro-V Smooth Therapy Masque Deep Conditioner, thanks to my mom and sister.  I’m not especially hard on my hair (it’s not dyed or styled daily), but this conditioner has definitely made a difference in how smooth and well-behaved my hair is on a regular basis.

Drinking:  Rosé all day.  Except really just  one glass on Saturday nights.  I’m really feeling light, summer-y wines.

Reading:  French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano, The Crepes of Wrath (half the time I’m doing more staring at the gorgeous photos than I’m reading), and this because the sister-ness of it all tickles me (and it makes me want Christmas time).

Watching:  About one half of every Harry Potter movie, because that’s how long I can stay awake when I’m lying down and supposed to be watching a movie.

So tell me — what are you loving lately?


3 thoughts on “Currently – The July Edition”

  1. Lucy,
    Great links and I have one for you – a blog I follow just posted tips from a sleep center about how to get a restful night sleep – perhaps they’ll also help.

    I’m having trouble, but it’s from the 90 degree+ heat wave we’re in here. Would love your rec on Rose – I tried one and it was bitter. Anything smooth? I’m really a New Zealand white wine girl Chardonay’s, Chenin Blancs etc… but Rose seems to be all the craze this season. Loved the Lauren Graham article too!

    What I’m into: Binge watching the entire Series of Gilmore Girls (ironically due to your link.) I’m finding that I really like the characters LESS this time around. The whining, as well as the mean-spirited mother are getting to be more than I recall watching weekly! About to start season 4 (Rory’s about to start college). I’m also into taking pictures of things that make me happy/blissful that I hope to develop into a future post. And hopefully making those pickles!
    Enjoyed the post!


    1. Thanks for sending those tips my way — I will try anything to get as much shut-eye as possible!

      Recently, I’ve been sipping on Promenade Rosé 2014 Côtes de Provence. I’m not a wine expert and I tend to have unpopular taste, but I like a light, zingy wine and it fits the bill. I’ve been finding it at Trader Joe’s recently. I also like Bellafina Prosecco, which is obviously not a rosé, but is still delicious. And I can’t forget my go-to white: New Age White. I like it with a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a couple ice cubes.

      I’ve watched all the way through Gilmore Girls a few times and I find that I feel differently about the characters each time. Maybe it’s a result of my being in a different place emotionally each time, but it’s interesting that you feel the same!

      Can’t wait to follow along with your bliss pics! 🙂

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      1. Thanks for the recommendations – I think we have the same taste in wines – I like that zing and citrus? taste -so I’ll give it a try and love that it’s from TJs as better $$ savings! If you’re a TJ’s fan – Try the Zonin Prosecco is amazing! It can be hard to find as it’s not always stocked. I also like the NZ whites – there my go to – but will look into the New Age White.
        Thanks re: GG – On disk 2 of 6 for S3. I like your perspective about where you are emotionally – had not thought of that.
        Hope the tips or at least 1 tip is something new to try.

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