Spicy Indian Veggie Naan Wrap

I’m trying to adopt a more vegetarian (and, maybe, eventually sometimes vegan or VB6) diet.  I’m beginning to ease into it with recipes like this.

I was looking around for some easy, starter vegetarian recipes and happened upon this recipe thanks to Gimme Some Oven and Ali’s homemade naan.  I was a little intimidated (especially by the veggie burger because I’d never had one before!), but my boyfriend was super gung-ho and did all the grocery shopping, so we tried it.

We opted for store-bought naan for convenience and went for broccoli slaw instead of cabbage.  Yum, yum!

In addition to being beautiful, they were really tasty and not that hard to get together.  You should give the recipe a try.  But just a tip:  don’t skip the cucumber-yogurt!  It is cooling and adds another level of taste that I loved.  Next time around, I’ll give the homemade naan a try.


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