The Strawberry Pillow

Some days you just need a treat.  This past Sunday was one of those days.  My boyfriend dragged me out of my apartment and we went on an adventure to buy some flowers and brighten up my mood.  We stopped in Fresh Market (mostly because I’d never been), where we were wooed from afar by this massive beauty and forgot about the flowers completely.

This is a Fresh Market Strawberry Pillow.  It’s a huge croissant, sliced in half, and filled with strawberries, a sweet cream, and whipped cream, with a drizzle of chocolate and a sprinkling of powdered sugar on top.  Yeah.  I know.  There was some audible gasping when we saw it.

We shared about a half of it, opting to save the rest for later because, let me tell you, it is sweeeeeeet.  We also splurged on some delicious chai and cold brew coffee.

While the Pillow might have been a bit much for me (I tend to like my dessert on the lower maintenance side), it was exactly the “pick me up” I needed.   It’s hard to feel grumpy when you have a plate full of whipped cream and strawberries right in front of you.


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