I think the best Halloweens are the ones that fall on a Saturday.  That setup gives you a whole “Halloweekend” to watch spooky movies, eat too much candy, and enjoy the hoopla.  I love it.

My sister and I decided to turn this “Halloweekend” into a sister weekend.  After a day of apartment hunting (more on that soon!) on Friday, we stopped by a pumpkin patch to get festive.

Then, we cuddled up for a scary movie.  Full disclosure:  We had to follow up with some New Girl to recover before sleeping.

We started our Saturday with a barre class, where we were totally weak and sloppy.  After a little nap, we went searching for a waterfall.

We stopped for some acai bowls on the way home.

We ordered Chinese food for dinner, which we ate while sitting cross-legged on my living room floor, and ate Halloween candy we didn’t even have to go trick-or-treating to get.  After pigging out on Sunday, we got our detox on at a warm flow yoga class.

I’d call that a pretty successful sister “Halloweekend”.  How’d you celebrate?


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