Real Talk: Things a Year of “Adulting” Has Taught Me

I’ve been “adulting” for a little over a year.  Getting up bright and early, working at a desk all day, struggling to fit in a work out, paying bills — all that real life stuff.  The adjustment went pretty smoothly, but I’ve learned a lot along the way.  Here are a few quick takeaways:

  1. Carry floss in your purse.
  2. You will have to schedule appointments (for car servicing, doctor visits, etc.) during work.  There are no convenient hours.
  3. Always have frozen waffles on hand, just in case.
  4. Do the dishes before you go to bed.
  5. Buy multiple umbrellas:  one to keep at home, one to keep in the car, and one to keep at the office.  Rain doesn’t care whether or not you’re prepared.
  6. Drink water all day, every day.
  7. Schedule your exercise.
  8. Find the cheapest gas station.
  9. Double (maybe even triple) check your bills, especially at the beginning.  Incorrect charges are everywhere!
  10. Carry Advil/Tylenol/whatever with you always.
  11. Go to bed early.
  12. Keep pasta and pasta sauce in your pantry.
  13. Memorize your social security number.
  14. Buy toilet paper in bulk.
  15. A steamer is your best friend.

You’re welcome.


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