Currently – The December Edition

Chriiiiiiiiiiiistmas tiiiiiiiiiiiime is here!  Haaaaaaaaappiness and cheeeeeeeeeer!

Happy December, you all!  It’s crazy to me that we’re in the last month of 2015.  This year has been so full of changes; it’s been go-go-go from the start and now it’s the mooooooooost wonderful tiiiiiiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeeeear.

The temperature has been hovering in the 60s this month, so it’s not exactly wintry, but that hasn’t kept me from indulging in hot chocolate and non-stop Christmas movies.  And I have the most precious little tree in my new place that I keep lit at all times!

you can find these images and their sources on my pinterest here and here.

This month I’m …

Watching:  Christmas movies, Parenthood, and various movies from the movie box of must-sees from my dad.

Hearing:  Gilmore Guys:  bro-ing out over Gilmore Girls, podcast style (thanks to my mom).  And obviously my Christmas playlist.

Eating:  I got a hankering for some Buffalo Chicken Dip the other night and I could not get the idea out of my head.  That’s what I want for dinner and I’ll share my recipe soon.

Wearing:  Last year I bought a pair of “fake Uggs” made by Skechers from TJ Maxx for next to nothing.  They are wonderful and warm and so supportive — they’re my favorite comfy boots, even if the style is out.

Trying:  To unpack still!  How do I have so much stuff!?  Where did I keep it all before!?

What are you digging this month?


2 thoughts on “Currently – The December Edition”

  1. Love you. Simply Love you – Gilmore Guys!!!! Thank you. Just bought the Complete Gilmore Girls Series Black Friday deal $69!!!! Down from $250. It’s higher now, but had to buy it after binge watching season by season and had withdrawl afterwords. Actually watched 3 eps this am.

    Also liked your Christmas Playlist – we had several in common. Here’s mine:
    I’m digging Lavendar syrup, vintage cake toppers – got some trees from from a flea market for $3 and Gilmore Girls. 😉
    Would have loved to see a pic of your tree here…. It sounds cute!


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