Currently – The February Edition


Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!  I looooooooove Valentine’s Day.  It might have something to do with all the pink and all the chocolate.  But I also just like love.  Do you have any big plans?  I’ll be painting my nails hot pink and watching romantic comedies when I’m not out and about.  I am pumped!

(you can find these and more lovey-dovey photos here)

But of course February is about more than just Valentine’s Day.  I’ve been exploring new things here and there …

Watching:  The Newsroom, thanks to my parents.  It is so good.

Hearing:  Last month, I was lucky enough to go to Madonna’s concert.  Yes, she did arrive 3 hours late and I’m still a little bit irked about it, but I can’t help but be giddy about the show.  Right now, this song is stuck in my head.

Trying:  BBG.  My work hours are sometimes unpredictable, so it’s been difficult for me to commit to a gym or fitness classes.  I’ve settled into working out at home with the BBG workouts.  They’re killing me (in a good way).

Following:  Amber Interiors (I’m hardcore crushing on everything) and Dear Friend blogs.

Reading:  I’m sure we’ve all read about the diet that Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen follow.  This guy tried it and I just can’t get enough of his recap.

What has February got you loving lately?


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