Flower Power

I’ve shared before my love of Trader Joe’s and their cheap, long-lasting bouquets.  My last bouquet stayed beautiful for two weeks before I had to let it go!  For my birthday last week, my sweet family gave me some simple vases and a gift card to be used on Trader Joe’s flowers only.  So on Easter, I headed straight over to grab a few.

I was so tickled when I happened upon these black calla lilies.  They’re so unexpected and elegant!  I chose to combine them with a bunch of lilac purple wax flowers (which also happened to be featured in my beautiful corsage from my senior prom, so I’ve got a soft spot for them).  The contrast between the dark, heavy calla lilies and the delicate wax flowers has a kind of Disney villain effect that I am loving.

I’ve been a little bit under the weather and it has taken me the better part of a week to get my apartment back together after being away for a week at the beach (made clear by the mess in the background of these photos).  It’s been nice to have flowers around that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg, but are funky and fun.

Really — black calla lilies!  Have you ever!?


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