Tip Tuesday – Practical Minimalism

Now that we’re a few months into my “kind year”, I’m starting to understand that so much of what feels good to me is simple.  Keeping things simple allows me to relax, to avoid decision fatigue, to sleep, to exercise, to grocery shop, to find something to wear each morning, etc.  I guess you could call that a desire for minimalism.

A little while ago, I was poking around and happened upon Into Mind and this really helpful “practical minimalism 101”.  I particularly like the prompt to “tend your mind like a garden”.

Practical Minimalism

Check out Into Mind for more minimalism stuff (oxymoron, I know).  I’m thinking about trying the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge soon.


P.S.  On the first of this month, I started Do You Yoga’s 30 Day Meditation Challenge.  I’m loving it so far.  Join me!


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