Currently – The April Edition

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Watching:  I just started watching Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce after a solo Friday night and some desperate Netflix browsing.  I’m only a couple episodes in and, while it’s a little less cute than I usually like my TV, I dig the girl-power messaging.

Eating:  This month, I have tried both Arctic Zero and Halo Top ice creams.  I’m a big ice cream fan, but I’m not so crazy about the nutritional price I pay for it.  Plus, I’m not totally in love with the way dairy-heavy foods make me feel.  So far, I’ve tested Brownie Blast from Arctic Zero and Mint Chip from Halo Top.

I wouldn’t describe Arctic Zero as creamy and indulgent like I would Ben & Jerry’s.  It’s a good option, but I’m not sure it really hits the ice cream spot.  Halo Top, on the other hand, is much more like ice cream.  The creaminess/texture is a little different from regular ice cream, but I found it close enough to the real thing to buy in.  I’ll be trying more Halo Top flavors throughout the summer.  (And, just so you know, I found both easily at Kroger!  Their websites have store locators to save you some searching trouble if you’re interested.)

Wearing:  When I’m not at work, I’m living in these Old Navy boyfriend t-shirts.  I wore one to an Ashtanga vinyasa yoga class last week and it was perfect.

Hearing:  Ask anyone.  They’ll tell you.  I won’t stop talking about this Bollywood playlist.  I’m also really enjoying the ClassPass Spotify playlists.

Trying:  Speaking of ClassPass, my sister and I are right in the middle of our $19 two-week trial!  There are so many fitness studios in Atlanta and it’s been fun to try out a few.  More on all of that later.  I’m also in the middle of the Do You Yoga meditation challenge.  And I need to be trying this.

Reading:  Why Women Still Can’t Have It All — it’s from a few years ago, and pretty long, but worth the read.  Oh, and remember my resolution to read 52 books this year?  If you’re interested in what I’m reading, you can follow the list as it grows here.

What are you loving lately?


6 thoughts on “Currently – The April Edition”

  1. OK did I completely miss something or did I just get confused as a whole about what state you were in.
    I’ve always pictured you in the Pacific North West! But many references to Atlanta! I’m so out of touch.
    Since you are in Hotlanta – envious… any Walking Dead sightings??!!!

    Good to see all is going so well for you – Loving that Class Pass price. In Boston most are minimally $100!!


    1. Ha! Always Atlanta. But I’ve never caught any of the zombie filming. 😦

      ClassPass is so great, but the pricing is a drag. You’ve got to really commit to get your money’s worth!

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