Condo, Sweet Condo

I’m not saying the only reason I cleaned my apartment was so I could take these photos, but it is a possibility.

Months ago I was switching jobs, planning to move back into the city, and looking for some place to live.  I saw a few places, got discouraged, and then this place fell into my lap (thanks to my dad, who found it in the middle of all the other options that just weren’t cutting it).

A while ago, I shared my wish list for my new apartment.  After spending a year in an apartment (that managed to be cute even) with very little natural lighting, a bland color scheme, and a style-less hodgepodge of furniture and knick-knacks, I was ready for something a bit more chic and put together.  I was ready for big windows, wood floors, and an open floor plan.  And that’s, thankfully, exactly what I got!  As soon as I walked into my place for the first time, I knew it was the one.

While I definitely consider my living spaces to be never-ending works in progress, I’ve finally managed to get it together enough to give you a peek.  Before we really get started, however, here’s a look at the floor plan.

The apartment has a funky layout.  The living space is wide open and the bedroom has a rounded wall with a cut-out that lets in all the light from the floor-to-ceiling living space windows.  There is a killer walk-in closet and a perfect little balcony with crazy-good views of the city.

Plus, the entire building is filled with precious, tiny, quiet (seriously, I never hear them) dogs.  It’s like my very own Go, Dog, Go! dog party.






But on to the good stuff — photos!

You walk in the door and here’s what you see.  To the right is the bathroom and forward is the living space.

I got my wish for open living space when I landed in this condo.  Here’s my cozy little “living room”.  What you don’t see here is my kitchen, which sits behind the couch and consists of a line of counters and this IKEA island.

My bedroom has room for only my bed and a couple bedside tables, so I was so relieved to be able to fit my entire dresser in my closet.  And where you can fit a faux fur rug, you must put a faux fur rug, right?

I have a cozy little desk space.  Lighting was a real struggle for a while — I had a lamp that was taking up almost half of the workable desk space.  But my mom and my sister came to the rescue with the marble-based rose gold lamp.  It is such a beauty.

The natural light you see hitting the bed is coming through the cut-out in my rounded bedroom wall.  I love how that makes the entire condo space feel connected.

And, maybe, my favorite part:  the view.  I’m lucky to be able to see right into the city and right out of the city, trees to my left and the cityscape to my right.

I’m still getting everything in its right place, but I’m feeling settled and I’m loving it.


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