Ivey graduates! I capture it!

Last Saturday, my little tiny baby sister graduated from college.  I know.  She’s kicked ass all the way through school and now she’s about to continue the ass kicking in the real world.  I don’t want to get too mushy, but I definitely felt a very mushy pang when she walked across that stage.

Before the big day, we braved the potential for thunderstorms, the humid 80-something degree weather, and a few miles of walking in heels to take some graduation photos around campus.  Have you ever seen anyone look so good in a cap and gown?  I love her, but ugh, don’t you just hate her for that?  It’s infuriating.

On the big day, the two of us kicked things off with brunch before everything got hectic.  We beautified, survived hours and hours of graduates walking across the stage, and then celebrated more with family.

Congratulations, my little Chicken!  We are all so proud.


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