Currently – The May Edition

I can’t believe it’s May 31.  I am getting this in just under the wire!  It’s been a busy month.  We started by celebrating my sister’s graduation from college, followed closely by Mother’s Day and my dad’s birthday.  My 10K training started.  We spent last week at the beach with my mom’s family.  And I just started my Whole30 diet.  Woo!

The Lovely Drawer Styling the Seasons:  May Little Spice Jar - Homemade Chimichurri Sauce La Dolce Vita Blog

Wearing:  Light-light-pink-almost-white nail polish.  I’m down with anything that makes my ghost-white self look a little bit tan.

Hearing:  Usually my parents, my sister, and I pile into one car to drive to our big family beach trip each summer.  My sister and I sleep/read on the way there while my parents navigate and listen to podcasts/music/news.  This year, however, my mom and I drove separately, resulting in a playlist full of girly road trip music guaranteed to keep me awake and keep things fun.  Madonna, Britney Spears, and One Direction, anyone?

Reading:  Modern Romance: An Investigation by Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg.  The social psychology nerd in me is so happy.

Eating:  So far, my Whole30 breakfasts have been egg, after egg, after egg.  There have been variations, of course.  I had a fried egg on top of a hamburger patty the other day.  And my boyfriend made me scrambled eggs with peach salsa — you toss the salsa in with the eggs right before you pull them off the heat, so everything is heated through.  Delicious!

Sipping:  Guys, I might be slowly crossing over to the coffee side.  I might also now have a go-to (when I’m not Whole30-ing) Starbucks coffee order.  (Tall iced coffee, sweetened, with nonfat milk, if you must know.)

Trying:  More ClassPass classes!  Right now, I’m mostly attending HIIT and cycling classes (BLAST, The Daily Remix/The Daily 30, and FlyWheel are my favorites).

What have you been digging lately?


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