Real Life

So sometimes real life things happen and we don’t mention them on blogs.  That’s really a shame because, in hindsight, most of them are actually kind of funny.  For example …

The other day, I showed up for an 8:30 AM dentist appointment.  It turns out that they didn’t have me scheduled for another two weeks.

A month or two ago, I had a networking coffee meeting.  Within 30 seconds of being handed my coffee, I had spilled it on my brand new blouse.

While waiting on the platform for a train recently, they made an announcement over the intercom.  The loud beep that accompanied the announcement made me jump out of my skin.  Everyone around me noticed and they were all visibly uncomfortable.

I nearly fell off the back of a treadmill at my HIIT class the other night because I tried to re-do my ponytail and walk at the same time.  Apparently that’s too complicated for me.  You could see the panic all over the instructor’s face.

Cheers to real life, ya’ll!


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