Currently – The June Edition

We’re halfway through the year!  2016 is flying past me.  It’s really starting to feel like summer around here, with our temperatures in the mid- to high-90s everyday.  It makes me want to do nothing but nap and snack on strawberries.

[image sources can be found in my pins]

Lately I’m …

Wearing:  These shoes.  My sister and I both bought ourselves a pair last month and they are great for work.  I have whiny feet, but these are supportive and have just enough heel to give you a little height without putting too much stress on your foot.  Plus, they’re a bit more fun than plain nude pumps.

Hearing:  I didn’t want to, but I like this song.  And the video just cracks me up.

Reading:  Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid.  Such an easy read, which is a nice change of pace from my usual book choices.

Eating:  Green grapes!  They are so tasty right now.

Using:  This pen.  My mom and sister have a knack for finding the best pens.  It’s lightweight and the ink flow is so smooth.

Trying:  To improve my posture because my slumping is so not cute.  Also, 15-minute productivity spurts.

Embracing:  Lexi’s no-polish manicure tip.  Often all I need is someone to pay attention to my cuticles and make sure my nails are all shaped identically.

What have you been digging lately?


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