Whole(ish)30: Reintroduction, Lessons Learned, Plans

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I kept a very detailed food diary throughout my reintroduction, which was so important in helping me identify the way various foods made me feel.  Slowly, but surely, I added grains (glutenous and gluten-free), dairy, and sugar.  I did not reintroduce alcohol or legumes because I didn’t miss them.  I also did not actively reintroduce carrageenan, MSG or sulfites because I try to mostly avoid processed foods.  And, maybe most importantly, I chose not to reintroduce body measuring because it was so nice to not care about those numbers.

My reintroduction helped me identify potential sensitivities to glutenous grains and dairy.  So that’s good to know!

Lessons Learned

  • You can eat whatever you want whenever you want it.  “Breakfast foods” are the foods you decide to eat at breakfast time.  Like the hamburger patty I topped with a fried egg on Day 3 — that’s breakfast.
  • Added sugar is everywhere.
  • Nuts are a legitimate snack food.
  • Oftentimes, if I wait five minutes, I don’t really want dessert.
  • Real cooking, with meat and vegetables, uses a lot of dishes and creates a lot of trash.
  • The Whole30 can mess with your period (early, late, longer, shorter — I’ve read accounts of them all).
  • It helps to do some recipe planning before you begin.  I had menus and groceries ready before my first week to eliminate some of the work, questioning, etc. and to help make the transition as easy as possible.


Moving forward, I am planning to stick as closely to the Whole30 diet as I can, without being unforgiving and super-restrictive.  That means no grains, no dairy, and no added sugar most of the time.  When there is cake to be had, I will have it.  And when I want to throw some feta in my salad, I will.  But I will continue to focus on creating whole meals with whole ingredients, instead of bogging my body down with foods that make it feel bad.  (These rules from 100 Days of Real Food will come in handy when I decide to step away from Whole30 a bit.)

So that’s it for my first Whole30!  If you have any questions about my experience, I’ll do my best to answer.


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