Tip Tuesday – Vietnamese Coffee

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I’m slowly exploring the world of coffee.  I’ve tried many horrendous lattes throughout my journey, but I have also discovered the beauty that is Vietnamese Coffee.  I know there are all kinds of fancy ways to make it, with the right drips or filters, but my boyfriend and I have been making it the easy way.

We use a French press and brew a batch of dark-roast coffee.  We pour a tablespoon or two of sweetened condensed milk into the bottom of a coffee cup and pour the hot coffee over the top.  Then we give it a stir and sip!  The condensed milk melts beautifully into the coffee and gives it a nice new texture and taste.  You can also add ice for a chill.

Easy-peasy, but it feels a little fancy.  I usually add a little bit of vanilla creamer to my coffee, but this is totally different for me.  Give it a try!


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