Fin de Semaine

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday, but we’re not really birthDAY celebrators.  We like to celebrate a birth week or, even better, a birth month.  We got the party started a little bit early with a few French-themed adventures this past weekend.

We started with a walk along the Beltline on Saturday.  We hopped off the trail to check out Paris on Ponce (there’s an entrance right off of the Beltline).  It was a nice break from the sun, full of funky finds, and a chunky pug.  Plus, the murals on all sides of the building?  A+ work.

My sister picked up this card and said, “So you.  Especially the third one.”  And yes, I can make a salad at home for cheaper.  It will be yummier too.

On Sunday, we stopped by Bread & Butterfly for breakfast.  We were too early for brunch, but we enjoyed cappuccinos and an assortment of pastries that included a raspberry and cream cheese danish, a chocolate croissant, an almond croissant, and a cranberry scone.  They were all delish!

Nothing went to waste, obviously.  And it’s worth noting that Bread & Butterfly is beautifully designed and decorated — it’s worth a stop just to enjoy that.

Tonight, we’re off to enjoy a few glasses of frosé before the official big day.  Yes, we really know how to do a birthday up right.


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