Birthday Frosé

Like I’ve mentioned before, we like birthdays around here and we are really good at celebrating them.  After hearing about Rosé Tuesday at The Luminary in Krog Street Market, we popped in for some appetizers and drinks to celebrate my sister’s big day.

I am a weenie and the frosés were a bit too much for me, but they were beautiful!  You can’t beat a pink drink.

We ordered a cheese plate with Hudson Camembert, Landaff, and Beecher’s Reserve.  So delicious and the presentation was wonderful.

The Fried Cauliflower also called to us.  It was perfect.

There was also a plate of Poutine involved, but it was devoured before I thought to take a picture.  Such is the power of fries and sausage gravy.

Our stop at The Luminary was fun and festive, but a warning:  the portions are small (for the appetizers, at least) and the prices are steep.  But it’s definitely worth a stop for a $6 frosé on a summer Tuesday.  Cheers!


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