Happy Habits


I love Gretchen Rubin’s books (they speak to the “questioner” in me!).  She is smart, creative, dives headfirst into her research, and has lots of valuable stuff to say.  I have been listening to Gretchen’s podcast (which also features her sister, Elizabeth Craft), Happier with Gretchen Rubin, and I’ve got a running list of takeaways.

In my favorite segment of the podcast, Gretchen and Elizabeth share a “try at home” habit that listeners might adopt to feel happier.  Here are a few of my favorites so far:

The One-Minute Rule
I am the queen of putting off the tiny jobs that would make me feel so much better.  I leave my shoes out instead of putting them in the closet.  I leave clean laundry in the dryer for days at a time.  The one-minute rule puts an end to all of that.  The idea is that, if a chore can be done in less than a minute (or even five minutes, if you ask me), you should do it without delay.  Get sh*t done.

Set a Bedtime Alarm
I really need my sleep, but sometimes I have a hard time actually sending myself off to bed.  If I’m absorbed in a household job or a TV show, sometimes I’ll look up and be shocked by how late it’s become!  A bedtime alarm is the reminder I need to prioritize getting to bed early enough to get the sleep I need.

Have a Weekly Power Hour
Some things are easy to put off until another time; changing light bulbs, cleaning the windows, reorganizing the file box are just a few examples.  Setting aside an hour a week to dedicate to those easily deferred tasks helps get those items crossed off the list before they’ve spent months languishing there.

What habits do you have that make your life happier?


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